Tips To Reduce Super Glue Cure Time

Cyanoacrylate is the generic name for super glue. They are adhesives that act very fast and find applications in industrial, automotive, electronics and medical uses. Also called instant glues, super glue cure time assumes importance in many applications and is dependent on a number of factors. The fact is that super glue does not really dry but polymerizes into an acrylic instantly when it comes into contact with certain ions. The super glue available in the market comes with additives that actually slow down its setting time.

Though the product can be lightly handled after a couple of minutes of tightly holding the parts together after application of the super glue, the super glue cure time is about 24 hours until they are completely set.

Below are some tips to reduce super glue cure time. That is, there may be applications where we want it to bond quickly. The main factors that decide super glue cure time are heat and air circulation. However auser has to take care to follow all instructions on the label while working with super glue to avoid any hazards.

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Super glue cure time is highly dependent on air flow. To set faster, using a fan to ventilate the area where the bonded piece is placed helps to reduce the super glue cure time. This is particularly useful when a large amount of glue is applied or when having multiple applications on a surface (the curing time is longer when the application is thick). The fan also helps to avoid inhalation of the chemical fumes and keep the area well ventilated.

Clamping the objects/surfaces that need to be stuck reduces super glue cure time. Keeping them in position keeps them from moving and reduces the offset. Sometimes, it is necessary that acetone is applied to remove the glue and then glue is reapplied to fix the parts in position.

Addition of a pinch of baking soda to super glue is seen to reduce super glue cure time. The bonding is stronger and the drying time is seen to be less. As it almost bonds instantly, one has to be fast when working with this mixture.

Accelerators to reduce super glue cure time are available in stores to help it set faster. However, the bond that is formed is weaker.

Super glue cure time is also reduced in the presence of moisture. To prevent a tube of super glue from hardening and becoming unstable, cover the tube to make it airtight and store it in silica gel. It is also useful to stick a hypodermic needle in the opening of the tube. The residual glue hardens around the needle and stops moisture from getting in.

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